Thursday, 16 May 2013

LEAD Summer Camp - 2013

Hari Om! Namaste!

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Congratulations, LEAD Summer Camp - 2013 for  the children organised by Chinmaya Mission, Madurai -  awesome video is ready...Please view and send your feedback..

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                                       Learn Eagerly ! Act Dynamically !!

The summer camp for children for the age group of 7 to 13 years was conducted from May 5 to 12 at Chinmaya Mission, Madurai, by the members of Devi Group and Chyk members, under the guidance of Sw. Sivayogananda. Camp Kit and snacks provided to the participants.

155 Children participated enthusiastically in the various activities like Yoga, Vedic Chanting, Bhajans, Games & talent activities, that kept the children engrossed.  'Surya Narayana' Pooja was performed daily morning by the children.  Sw.Sivayogananda and the Devi group members gave discourses on the inspiring values like Humility, Purity, Devotion and Respect to elders/Teachers.

As a part of the programme a field trip to Tiruvedagam temple, was organised for the children, on 10th May. The children enjoyed the outing...

'Mathroo Pooja' was organised on May 12., children offered obeisance at the feet of their mothers and performed the pooja.  The little ones performing pooja and praying at the feet of their mothers..& the mothers affectionately embracing their wards presented a moving sight.  Cultural programmes were a means to spread awareness of our culture.  The campers proved it through drama dances and inspiring skits which was appreciated by the viewers.  Lunch was organised to all the campers and their parents...

Monday, 13 May 2013