Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Sri Krishna Jeyanthi Celebrations....

under the guidance of Acharya Sw. SivayoganandaJanmadhina of the 'Blue boy of Brindavan' was celebrated for four days  in the Chinmaya Mission, Madurai center. from August 28 to 31

On the first day, 'Holy Gita' was chanted in unison by all the devotees gathered.and special pooja and aarthi was organised.
On the second day, Balvihar center kids, around fifty sang the praise of the Lord. Mira & Dukaram bhajans were  also sung.
On the third day,'Narayaneeyam' was chanted before the beautifully decorated the Devi Group members.
On the fourth day,  Balthazar students staged "Krishna Leela",His entry in Dwaraka,Dandia dance and so on.The CHYKS took Vidhura Needhi on the stage. 
On all four days the hall was packed with parents, devotees & Mission members, vibrating with the remembrance of the Lord.Every child got a gift and had a peacock feather to take home.They at once felt taking the 'Blue boy' with them. Every one enjoyed a hearty dinner and carried home His sweet memories